Frequently Asked Questions

What is Patriots365 powered by Visa?

Patriots365 powered by Visa is a program for Patriots Season Ticket Members (STMs) and Waitlist Members (WLMs).

STMs earn credit toward their annual season ticket invoice by making qualifying purchases from participating merchants in the Visa Commerce Network.

WLMs earn credit toward an annual Patriots ProShop redemption by doing the same.

How do I sign up?

Sign up for Patriots365 at by using your Ticketmaster Account Manager credentials. Once you are registered, enroll a Visa card. That’s it! You are now ready to start earning credit!

Can I enroll more than one Visa card?

Yes. Season Ticket Members and Waitlist Members may enroll up to twenty (20) Visa cards at one time. To enroll a card, click My Account from the top menu bar. Then, click Add Card, enter the full card number, agree to the Terms and Conditions, and click Submit.

Can I enroll my Visa debit card?

You may enroll a Visa debit card, however, not all transactions made with debit cards with Visa branding are actually processed by Visa. For example, your bank’s debit card may have Visa branding because it can also be used as a credit card, but when used as a debit card, your bank, not Visa, processes the transaction. In that case, you would not earn credit for a qualifying Patriots365 transaction.

To ensure you earn credit for a Patriots365 qualifying transaction when using a debit card with Visa branding, choose “credit” when paying for your transaction.

What kind of purchases do I need to make to earn credit?

The types of offers with which you can earn credit are varied. They can be anything from restaurants to retail stores to other everyday purchases. You can check at any time for the current live offers.

Do I need to opt in to each offer?

No. Once you enroll your VISA card, you are automatically eligible for all current offers.

How do I know how much credit I've earned?

Each time you make a purchase that earns credit, you will be notified via email (you may change the frequency of those notifications if you wish). Your total credit earned to date is available on the "My Account" page once you log in.

When will my credits from qualifying purchases post to my Patriots365 account?

Credits earned from qualifying purchases may take up to 5 to 7 days to post to your Patriots365 account.

Do credits expire?

Credits earned by STMs are applied for the upcoming season's ticket invoice. Credits earned by WLMs are issued once per year and do have an expiration date.

Do I need to do anything to make sure I get the credit taken off my season ticket invoice?

Nope! We'll take care of that for you. When you get your invoice, you will see the deduction. We will also notify you in advance via email of how much credit you can anticipate seeing on your invoice.

How do I get my ProShop credit if I'm on the Waitlist?

At the specified annual redemption time, you will be notified via email of your total credit earned and you will receive a ProShop gift coupon.

What if I go from being a Waitlist Member to a Season Ticket Member?

At the time of your change, we will issue you a ProShop gift coupon for the credit earned to date as a Waitlist Member. You will then start earning credit toward your season ticket invoice going forward.

How do I reset my Patriots365 account password?

To reset your Patriots365 account password, simply visit, click "Sign In", and then click the “Forgot Password” link. Your Patriots Account Manager and Patriots365 account credentials are the same.

Where do I go if I have a question about my account?

Feel free to contact the Patriots Member Services team via phone at (508) 384-4288 or via email at

Is anyone else eligible for Patriots365?

No. The program is open to STMs and WLMs in good standing only.

How do I opt out of Patriots365 powered by Visa offers?

By un-enrolling your Visa card, you will be opted out of Visa offers. This can be done in the My Account section of the website.