VISA Terms & Privacy Policy

Name of Program
Patriots365 powered by Visa (the “Program”)
Program Description
Use an eligible U.S.-issued Visa credit or debit card linked to your Patriots365 Account to spend at participating Merchants on Offers to earn Promotional Credits towards your Patriots365 Account.  When you enroll your Visa card, it is automatically linked to all participating merchant offers.
Program Period
January 1 through December 31 of each year for which the program operates.
Merchant Offers
Offers from Merchants, including Promotional Credit rates, will be updated from time to time on the Patriots365 website. Please see each Offer for its terms and conditions. The terms of Offers may differ depending on whether you are a Season Ticket Member or a Wait List Member.
Promotional Credit
Posting Date Promotional Credits for qualifying purchases that meet the terms of an Offer (“Qualifying Purchase Transactions”) may take about five (5) to seven (7) days to post to your Patriots365 Account.
Promotional Credit Redemption
Season Ticket Members - Promotional Credits must be used towards your Patriots season ticket invoice, which is generally due and payable on or about March 31 of each year. In the event that Promotional Credits exceed your Patriots season ticket invoice total, any remaining Promotional Credits will terminate and have no redemption value.
Wait List Members - Promotional Credits will be issued in the form of a voucher to the Patriots Online ProShop between January 1 and February 1 of each calendar year. 
Promotional Credit/Voucher Termination
Season Ticket Members - Promotional Credits expire on the date that your season ticket invoice is due and payable, which is generally on or about March 31 of each year.
Wait List Members - Vouchers will expire on May 1 of each year.
Data Sharing and Use
By participating in Patriots365 powered by Visa, you authorize the program sponsor, Visa, to share with the Patriots transaction details from your linked cards so that the Patriots can award you Promotional Credits. The Patriots and Visa will use your card and transaction information as described in the Program Privacy Terms.
Additional Terms and Restrictions
  • In order to participate in the Program, you must have an eligible U.S. – issued Visa card linked to your Patriots365 Account (a “Linked Card”). You represent and warrant that you are authorized to use and provide all the linked cards that you provide, and that information you provide is true and accurate.
  • Visa Buxx, Visa Gift Cards, Visa Healthcare Cards, Visa Incentive Cards and Visa TravelMoney are not eligible. 
  • Please note that, if you have a Visa-branded debit card, transactions with such debit card may not receive Promotional Credits.   Only transactions processed by the Visa U.S.A. network are eligible to receive Promotional Credits.  Transactions (particularly debit transactions) processed over a non-Visa network will not. If you have a Visa-branded debit card, you should choose to use the “credit” or “cancel” option when making payment with such card and do not use a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Your transaction may then be processed over the Visa U.S.A. network, but not in all cases. 
  • Individual Merchant Offers may contain additional terms and restrictions, which will be disclosed in the individual Merchant Offers. Taxes, tips, fees and donations may be excluded when calculating Promotional Credits. 
  • Visa may be unable to monitor every transaction made with your Linked Card, including payments made through other payment methods (such as payments via a Square reader or Square register or a third-party digital wallet or payment app other than Apple Pay) and cross-border transactions, and these transactions are not eligible.
  • Users may only enroll one eligible Visa card into the Program.
  • Gift Card purchases and delivery services are not eligible to earn Promotional Credits.
  • Each Merchant Offer may only be redeemed once per person, unless stated otherwise in the offer details.
  • A Visa card number can only be associated with one Patriots365 Account.  If the same Visa card number is on file in more than one Patriots365 Account, then Promotional Credits earned with that card number will only be credited to the last user to sign up for the Program and link that Visa card number.
  • Promotional Credits will not be awarded if your Linked Card has expired, or your Linked Card account is not open or in good standing at the time the Promotional Credits would be earned or applied.
  • The terms of your purchase of any product or service from a Merchant are governed by your relationship with that Merchant; neither Visa nor the Patriots is responsible for the Merchant Offers, goods, or services that are displayed, purchased or paid for in connection with a Merchant Offer.
  • You acknowledge that Merchants are not affiliated with the Patriots or Visa in any way. Merchant location, including the street address and other information related to an Offer, may include content that has been supplied by a third-party. The Patriots and Visa are not responsible inaccurate or incomplete information provided by a third-party provider, or for any inability to identify your qualifying transactions.
  • The Patriots365 powered by Visa program and all of its offers may be changed, suspended, or discontinued at any time.
  • Neither Visa nor Patriots365 will have any liability associated with or arising from your participation in the Program or any Offer, including your failure to receive or redeem a credit.
These privacy terms describe how Visa and New England Patriots collect, share and use your personal information with respect to the Patriots365 powered by Visa program. They do not alter or modify the privacy policies of Visa or New England Patriots or their respective affiliates that apply to information collected independently of this Patriots365 powered by Visa program. 
When you add a Visa card to Patriots365 powered by Visa:
  • Visa hosts the card enrollment page for Patriots365 powered by Visa – you are providing your card details to Visa and Figg, Inc.
  • Patriots365 will use Qualifying Purchase Transaction details provided by Visa solely for credit fulfillment.
  • Patriots365 may use qualifying purchase transaction details to provide you with personalized Offers with participating merchant consent.
  • In addition to the privacy terms described here, for information other than your card and transaction information, Patriots365’s Privacy Policy, located at [], applies to this Patriots365 powered by Visa program.
  • Visa card details. Visa will enroll each eligible Visa card you link to your Patriots365 powered by Visa account.
  • Qualifying Purchase Transactions. Visa will monitor its systems for Qualifying Purchase Transactions with your linked Visa card(s)and collect details of those transactions.
  • Other Past Transactions. Visa may also review past non-Qualifying Purchase Transactions on your linked Visa credit card(s)to provide you with personalized Offers through the Patriots365 program.
  • To identify qualifying purchases you make with your linked Visa card(s)and confirm offer eligibility.
  • To notify the New England Patriots that you have made a Qualifying Purchase Transaction so that the New England Patriots can issue you Promotional Credits.
  • To administer and improve its Offers and programs.
  • To provide personalized Offers based on your Qualifying Purchase Transactions and past transaction history.
  • For customer support.
  • For enhancement and development of products and services, internal research and analytics.
  • Visa may share information, including, without limitation, Qualifying Purchase Transaction details, with New England Patriots and its affiliates to facilitate the Patriots365 powered by Visa program and the other purposes described herein.
  • Visa and its affiliates may provide New England Patriots or a sponsoring merchant with limited data about your transaction, such as the last 4 digits of your card number and the date, time, amount and merchant information for your transaction as needed to confirm a specific transaction, as in case of a missing or disputed transaction.
  • Visa may provide participating merchants with aggregated and de-identified information relating to an offer to allow such merchant to assess the results of its campaigns.
  • Visa may use and disclose your information in order to respond to a request from government authority or a payment organization involved in a transaction with you or an Offer.
  • Visa may share your information with companies and vendors that help us to operate our business by providing services such as website hosting, information technology and related infrastructure provision, email delivery, auditing and other similar services.
  • Visa may share your information with other companies owned by Visa as allowed by law.
  • Visa may share your information to comply with law or other legal obligations such as responding to subpoenas.
  • With your consent.
To remove your card from participation in the Patriots365 powered by Visa program or any offer, you may opt out by going to “My Account” > “Unenroll Card”. 
Questions about privacy?
For Visa: Please email or write to us at: Visa U.S.A. Inc. P.O. Box 8999, San Francisco, CA 94128 Attention: Global Privacy Office.